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Civil constructions

Get an insight into the operation of the railway surrounding civil constructions through careful measurements 365 days per year. Monitor the vertical movement around civil constructions or the movement of the artwork with an accuracy of up to 0.2 millimetre. Additionally, measure the actual temperature of the rail and do not let maintenance catch you off-guard.

Data-driven railway maintenance.


A railway bridge over another railway, a motorway or a waterway: the civil constructions in the Dutch railway network come with the necessary challenges. The various types of surface, heights and vibrations, combined with the enormous weight of a train, can in time lead to jounce and, in time, wear and tear.  

Our sensors check the movement that occurs when loads are put on the civil constructions, and give you a complete and up-to-date insight into the condition of these essential objects. A wealth of information thanks to specially developed algorithms, combined with a data management system.


Future-proof railway.

Seamless Live Data Integration.

In addition to rails and switches, the Dutch railway network also consists of civil constructions, for example, bridges, tunnels and viaducts. And that involves challenges. We monitor and analyse the movement that occurs when these vital objects have to bear load, and create an up-to-date overview.

The condition of civil constructions can be checked 24/7 in our user-friendly data management system. All it takes to find out if maintenance is required is one click. That’s how simple data-driven railway maintenance can be.

Monitoring of blind suspension around civil constructions

Installation in five minutes

Insight into temperature influence

For the expert.

The BS1000 sensor uses LoRaWAN. A long range, low power IoT connection that is specifically developed to exchange information between objects and systems. The sensor can submit data up to 3-5 years and with an accuracy of up to half a millimetre. 100 movements per second.

Live railway data.

Smart railway maintenance.

Our mission? Advancing railway maintenance. Because it can be done smarter. Based on data, we provide insight into the condition of your railway. Our sensors optimise railway maintenance and extend the lifespan of the railway.


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