About us.

Predictable railway maintenance.

Our data provide real-time insight into the condition of your railway. Change your working method from reactive to proactive and only send mechanics out when it is really necessary.


Our mission?

Advancing railway maintenance.

Because it can be done smarter. Based on data, we provide insight into the condition of your railway. Our sensors optimise railway maintenance and extend the lifespan of the railway.

So you know exactly what the condition of the railway is, and you only send out mechanics when it is necessary. Change your working method from reactive to proactive with a new outlook on railway maintenance.

Our goal.

Digitisation of the rail infrastructure.

Since our foundation in 2015, we have been the know-it-all's and go-getters of all things ‘railways’. Our tight-knit team is bursting with new energy and inspiring ideas. You will notice this immediately when you start working with us. Our specialists are all innovative and data-driven. You could say that we move with the times, but we prefer to say that we have a healthy amount of stubbornness.

Our team aims to digitise the railway infrastructure in an effort make railway maintenance more sustainable. Using our products, railways are maintained more efficiently, costs are reduced, and the railway network is made more reliable.


Trusted. By the giants.

Development, maintenance and digitisation of your railway. These companies preceded you.

Team. Vooruitlopers

Office Manager

Madelon van der Zwalm

R&D | Software development

Daan van Vrede

R&D | Adviseur Rail | Specialist

Pascal van der Zwalm

Consulting | Engineering

Maarten Hansman

R&D| Electrical design

Tim van Leeuwen

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