Switches and points.

Switches and points form an essential component of the closed Dutch railway network. With the Rail 1435 solutions, these failure-prone components are in good hands. We will bring you up to speed on the condition of the switches 24/7. This will allow you to find out exactly where and when maintenance is necessary, so you can be one step ahead.

Data-driven railway maintenance.

Major impact.

Switches and points are some of the most sensitive parts of the railway infrastructure. The interruption of the railway track makes it sensitive to derailments and malfunctions. The train wheels often sink into the ground when the rails move away and make contact with the points, which increases chances of wear and tear. In other words, the impact on the point is considerable.

A good monitoring system is vital in this. Our specially developed algorithms, combined with a data management system, provide a clear image of the condition of the railway 24/7. Down to the smallest details. How? By constantly monitoring the impact on the point and determining when maintenance is needed in a timely fashion.


Future-proof railway.

Seamless Live Data Integration.

Switches and points play an important role in the Dutch railway network but are prone to failure. The careful monitoring of these components is of the utmost importance to reduce the chance of malfunctions.

Our sensors transmit the up-to-date status of the railway 24/7 and hundreds of times a day, so you will only send out your mechanics at the right time. Prevent extensive maintenance, now and in the future. Use our own easy system or have the data forwarded to your own platform.

Insight into wear and tear of points

Installation in five minutes

Real-time insight

For the expert.

The point in the switch is exposed to extremely high impact values, sometimes of over 300G. Based on this impact we measure the wear and tear of the point for each train passage. In this, train speed and blind suspension also play a role.

Based on this impact we measure the wear and tear of the point for each train passage. We do this for every train passage. Train speed and blind suspension also play a role. Impact above 300G points to positioning issues. So please ensure the correct maintenance at the right time.

Live railway data.

Smart railway maintenance.

Our mission? Advancing railway maintenance. Because it can be done smarter. Based on data, we provide insight into the condition of your railway. Our sensors optimise railway maintenance and extend the lifespan of the railway.


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