Expansion joints and systems

Get an insight into the operation of the railway surrounding expansion joints and systems through careful measurements 365 days per year. Monitor the expansion and contraction of the railway with an accuracy of up to 0.5 millimetres and measure the current temperature of the rail. Do not let maintenance catch you off-guard.

Data-driven railway maintenance.

Linear movement.

Temperature changes cause the expansion and contraction of rails and/or bridges. Expansion joints handle this. In small spaces, use is made of a gap. Major differences in the lengths of the rails, for example in steel bridges, require an expansion system.

Our sensors not only measure the longitudinal operation, but also provide insight into the current blind suspension and temperature. In short: they provide you with all the necessary data to monitor the operation, predict maintenance and keep the expansion joint in optimum condition. Even in extreme heat or cold.


Future-proof railway.

Seamless Live Data Integration.

Major differences in temperature can cause rails and switches to expand or contract. The result? Damage to the railway. Using our complete and up-to-date temperature measurements, you can take the right measures at the right time.

Railway maintenance can be done faster and cheaper. Our smart sensors show the condition of your railway at the right time. This way you will only schedule maintenance when the railway requires it and you will save time and money. A win-win situation.

An accuracy of up to 0.5mm

Installation complete in five minutes

Complete and up-to-date temperature imaging of the railway

For the expert.

For the monitoring of expansion joints and systems, we measure the movement with an accuracy of up to 0.5mm, every fifteen minutes. Just like the temperature of the individual rails. By measuring the blind suspension, we can prevent impact and keep the expansion joint in optimum condition.

Live railway data.

Slim spooronderhoud

Our mission? Advancing railway maintenance. Because it can be done smarter. Based on data, we provide insight into the condition of your railway. Our sensors optimise railway maintenance and extend the lifespan of the railway.


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